IMC Performance Planner

The IMC Performance Planner is the tool that will take the passion, dedication, love, and discipline you have for dance, and catalyze the discovery of your infinite potential. Use this planner every single day you dance, and your life, as well as abilities, will progress so profoundly that you will even impress yourself with the invaluable wisdom and insights you gain, retain, and master.

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In this FREE course, you will go cover-to-cover exploring the Assessment, Learning, Planning, Evaluation, and Creative pages, as well as learn more about how this product can benefit you whether you are a business owner, parent, instructor, or student.


Designed for progress

Unlike a scrap piece of paper, scoresheet, app, scheduling planner, sticky note, or blank journal you may have used in the past, this is an evaluative dancer's planner - built for those who are motivated to do the challenging work required to succeed every year, month, day, hour of their training, and beyond.

  • Shutterstock dance images of illustrated dancers doing battements, holding passé, or doing jetés

  • Some dance quotes and lined pages

  • Every single inch of each page in this planner is designed with you in mind to improve your mindset, track your progress, plan your next move, foster self-expression, and truly learn more about yourself.


    The LEARNING pages include information regarding stage direction & etiquette, ballet terminology, as well as a list of affirmations, preparing each dancer for a professional experience in all aspects of the industry, as well as incorporating long-lasting mental health habits which last a lifetime.

  • PLAN

    The PLANNING pages allow dancers to look that their upcoming quarter and plan their class schedule, upcoming competitions, conventions, workshops intensives, and more. This gives a comprehensive look at each individual month to come and allows dancers to pre-plan the best ways they can for each day and apply the most effective self-care practices possible.


    The constructive tracking of insightful critiques allows the instructor, classmate, or student to track corrections they get as well as track the solutions they create. These pages help you capture the great moments, real struggles, and lessons you learn from every moment you spend dancing, as well as help you take daily steps in creating your long-term success.

Ballet Terminology

Term, Pronunciation, and Meaning

The Ballet Terminology portion provides the correct French spelling of commonly used ballet positions and terms, an example of how the word sounds, as well as what it means. This allows the dancer to find the correct spelling based on sound, so they are able to write the correct word in their notes. So many students struggle to understand the correct spelling, pronunciation, and meaning of the language used in ballet classes, and building greater knowledge in this aspect will serve them in such a way where they are able to create a deeper connection to the movements they are making, as well as allow them to feel empowered, confident, and informed in their classes.


Plan ahead - get ahead.

The scheduling pages allow dancers to look that their upcoming quarter and plan their class schedule, upcoming competitions, conventions, workshops intensives, and more. This gives a comprehensive look at each individual month to come, and also allows dancers to pre-plan the best ways they can prepare for each day and apply the most effective self-care practices possible.




Kristi Salerno, Movement Coach

I LOVE IT! This is the MOST well-thought-out, useful, and beautifully constructed tool for a dancer—or really any artist working to hone their craft. I have been a movement coach for actors, dancers and artists for over a decade in Los Angeles and have never encountered a planner that comes close to this one in terms of usefulness and support. From the section that maps out stage directions to the list of ballet terms, to the powerful affirmations, monthly planning and intricate daily log, this journal has everything that gives the artists that use it an edge— and an edge is EVERYTHING in this business! I am especially in love with this planner as a self-care tool. A career in the arts is full of ups and downs… And having a way to record & process & assimilate lessons learned along the way is invaluable! Everyone is going to encounter challenges on the road… It’s learning to pick yourself back up and learn from it all that makes ALL the difference. This planner helps my students do just that! I can’t recommend it enough.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Olga Ginzburg, Owner of Step2Dance, National Award Winning Ballroom Choreographer, International Ballroom Judge

Amazing planner for dancers!!! My students love it!!!

Quality Dance Notebook

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Beth Lorenzo, Parent

My kid is a younger dancer. She's been using notebooks to take notes for various classes. She has been competing for five years and dancing for about 7. We have run into all kinds of situations. This planner has been a wonderful way for my daughter to identify goals, track progress, take notes and move forward with compassion for other dancers and still keep the focus on what she can change...herself. She's made her goals smaller and achievable and big. Her goals have applied to technique in the classroom, appreciation of other dancers, and nutrition. I love the modern black sleekness of the design. I love being able to ask my kid about her progress and her goals. I love her ability to be able to be accountable for herself. This is an investment. Isn't the amount of money we pay for dance? There is not another planner out there like this to assess goals and track progress. It really is a one day at a time. I know we will be purchasing this again when she gets through this one. A solid investment for my competitive dance kid.

Like a diary…but for dancers!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Clara Bond, Pre-Professional Ballet Dancer

I'm in a professional dance training program and I use the IMC Performance Planner almost like a diary...but a diary for dancers! It helps me keep track of my daily dance practice by working through what I learned and how I felt that day. Then it helps me plan how to use that day's lessons and insights to be a better dancer, and a happier, more confident person.


Built for long-lasting durability with a professional appearance, modern details, as well as timelessly elegant and highly-functional design elements.

  • 200-Page, Durable Matte Hardcover Planner, 8.5” x 11”

  • Beautiful Silver Foil IMC Logo

  • Two Slim-Ribbon Bookmarks (Silver & Black)

  • Secure Elastic Strap Closure


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